Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day Two Hundred Twenty Two

Happy New Year!  So I was kidding, I am not in fact going to wax philosophical.  Suffice it to say that out of all the holidays, my favorites (in order) are Thanksgiving, New Year's, and the Fourth of July.  The first because I love to cook for an appreciative audience and everyone is always very happy to sit and dine and linger over a meal on Thanksgiving.  The eat and run thing we experience so many days isn't as inspiring for me in the kitchen. The other two have fireworks!  I adore those big colorful splashes across the sky.  For years I went downtown Reno with  my grandmother.  In the old days (love saying that but we are going back 20 years now so I think it actually qualifies), the casinos handed out many very nice party favors, we'd be wearing cool hats or tiaras, the funny glasses made in the shape of the new year's number, carrying noisemakers and a drink.  We'd mill about in the crowd awaiting the big moment and then play slot machines and drink and talk for hours afterwards.  My grandmother was one of the best friends I've had in my life.  She was a woman who was always up for an adventure, rarely said no to any question that began with, "Do you want to....?" and she adored me.  Of course she loved all of her grandkids but she had a way of making me feel like she and I had some special bond.  It was a gift she had because I'm not alone in feeling like that.  So here's to grandmothers and new years and fireworks.

Resolutions anyone?  An acquaintance had a posting on their Facebook page encouraging everyone to do away with resolutions and just be happy with themselves the way they are.  I say phooey to that.  One of the best things about us humans in my opinion is our ability to begin anew over and over.  Yes, I agree with the intent of the message; accepting ourselves as we are is a worthwhile goal.  However, if there is something about yourself that you would like to change then jump in and do it.  Isn't it nice that we can strive to ever be better people?  So I resolve to continue to free myself from excess in all its forms and to nurture and guard carefully those things that are most precious to me: the relationships with the people I love.  May 2011 bring you all things good.

On today's chopping block:
1.  An alarm clock
2.  A CD zip up case
3.  A bell like you see on the front desk of hotels in movies.  Kinda hate to let this go, very hand when you're sick in a big house.  
4.  A 5" tall Darth Vader figureine that makes the funny breathing sound when you press the button on his belly.
5.  A small beaded bracelet

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  1. I feel the same way about change...if you want it go for it. I hate all those aphorisms about old dogs and new tricks. Our dog Frank is 5 and we took him to obedience training and, by gum, he learned to sit. If I thought that at 57 I was never going to learn a new thing which would make big or small, good or bad changes in me I'd whither away.

    I cannot agree about the fireworks thing, however. Hate them. We have to put up with them for three solid months in the summer, almost every weekend in the fall and spring and on every major holiday. And if the holiday falls on a weekend, as this New Years did, then it starts at 5:00 Friday (when it is still light stupid is that?) and ends Sunday sometime in the wee hours. They are dangerous, noisy, extremely ungreen (visit a beach after they are done), and imagine the damage they do to the animal life. And expensive; the average sale is $200. Hate them.

  2. Happy New Year, Kim! I am not making a new resolution this year, just continuing the one I started 3 years ago--I want to lose weight & become more physically fit so I'll be ready to start my new adventure when i retire in 2 years. Lost 35 pounds in 2 years & am exercising semi-regularly. Just need to intensify my workouts now. Wishing you continued success in your simplification goal and much joy, love and peace in 2011! Love, Mary T.

  3. T, I know that fireworks are awful in many ways and it is terribly politically incorrect for me to like them. Perspective is everything and I have gotten to see relative few displays so they are just like magic to me. Had no idea that anywhere outside the Magic Kingdom did them with such frequency!

    Mary, how did we get to an age where we are on the brink of retiring? Weird, huh? Here's to continued success with the fitness goal this year. xoxo Kim



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