Friday, December 31, 2010

Day Two Hundred Twenty One

New Year's Eve already?  I have been so looking forward to 2011 that I can hardly believe that it is finally here.  It all goes so fast, doesn't it?  I'm going to go watch the ball drop.  Tomorrow I'll wax philosophic about the new year and resolutions.  Have fun and be safe out there!  Thanks for being here in 2010.

Here are the last items on the chopping block for 2010:
1.  A Mr. Bill doll (Oh no!!)  ((sorry, couldn't resist))
2.  Superman Returns novelization by Marv Wolfman
3.  A Tree Grows in Brookly by Betty Smith unabridged version read by Anna Fields on CD
4.  A hand mirror
5.  A bracelet with small pink stones

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