Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day Two Hundred Twenty Three

There are some real benefits to getting more organized and letting go of excess stuff.  As I look around for more things to get rid of I often end up organizing a certain area; the top of the clothes dryer, a drawer, etc.  In doing so I typically find something I haven't seen in a long time.  I found a set of little cutters for clay a while ago and they inspired me to try using them for a carving technique that has resulted in a set of the coolest little birds and hearts ever.  Had I not cleaned out my art supplies I would not have come across them while in an artistic mood.  It is all just like magic.  Here's a picture of a little sculpture I did:

These go on the pile today:
1.  A little teddy bear
2.  One of those cheesy Staples "easy" buttons
3.  A package of Crayon "Twistables"
4.  Little wind up toy
5.  One of those pin thingies where there are hundreds of pins in a box and it retains the shape of whatever you press into it....have no idea what you really call them!


  1. I don't know which is my favorite part...the beak, the key motif, or your thumb. All wonderful.

  2. Well, BJ loved it so I'm pleased. I know, the grimy thumb with the antiquing paint still under the nail is nice, isn't it? It launched me on a bird thing....again. What is it with me and birds? I'd say I do them just because they're an easy shape to sculpt but that isn't it actually. I just really like birds. I have half a dozen with different carvings on them now and one very fanciful one with a crown and colorful feathers. Fun!

  3. I want to do clay with you one day! I LOVE your heart bird!!!!
    Luann : )



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