Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day Two Hundred Thirty One

Warning:  Blog reading may be habit forming

Or not.  I noticed something strange this week.  I skipped doing my blog entries for a couple of days and realized that after two days I was ready to just declare that this had run its natural course albeit not the course I set out to follow.  That little angel who wears the black satin dress and too much eyeliner living on one shoulder was whispering in my ear that it just didn't matter in the least if I didn't finish this blog project.  After all, she pointed out, I have said all along that the blog is just to keep me going on the clearing and I am so good at it now that I'll surely keep clearing even if I don't blog.  

What I noticed is that even when the little angel who wears white satin and tulle and rhinestones whispered that following through with things is something I admire in others and strive for in myself that it was much easier to ignore her than her naughty counterpart.  It actually took a comment jokingly made from an external angel that more or less shamed me into getting back on track yesterday.  (Thank you, Angel Misty)  

This got me thinking about habits in general so I did a little research.  "They" say it takes about three weeks to form a habit.  Anyone who has ever gone on a diet may acknowledge the truth in that.  After you get going on a new habit it seems fairly easy but it does take a while to get to that point.  Conversely, and this is what dawned on me today, it is soooo much easier to develop a bad habit than a good one.  Same with breaking a good habit you've worked hard to develop.  Get off course for a couple of days and it can be a very long climb back.  There seems to be a switch inside that is either flipped to on or off.  When mine is flipped on it is fairly easy to shut it off but once off it is much more difficult to flip it back on.  Am I the only one?

These five things are leaving today:
1.  A clear acrylic document frame
2.  Another just like #1
3.  And a third.  I bought these years ago with some good intentions that never panned out.  
4.  A calculator
5.  A big bag of scented lotions and cremes and body butters - the kind that hurt my head because of all the artificial fragrances in them.  

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  1. You are quite correct, Kimmie! I'd been doing so well with my exercising, then Christmas break came along. Now, instead of doing 3 -4 times a week, I'm lucky if I exercise twice a week! sigh... hard won, easily gone. But the New Year and seeing my brand new treadmill staring at me, may shame me back into shape. Keep on, keepin' on, dear! Love you! Mary T.



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