Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day Two Hundred Thirty

Sometimes life gets messy.  One minute you're on top of your game and you're making everything you do look easy and the next you're a Chinese acrobat in a private circus with 22 plates spinning atop two foot long dowels.    Some plates are bound to break, and this week it was the plate labeled "blog".  Was feeling totally justified to just set this project aside until I was accused by a friend (jokingly) of being a slacker.  Somehow I always rise to a challenge.  And that is what this entire endeavor has really been about, rising to what seemed to be an overwhelming challenge to me when I started.  Getting rid of all the extraneous stuff that had landed in my life and my house over the past 20-ish years felt like a task whose only solution involved a twenty yard dumpster.  Now, I'm practically a professional incrementalist.  Soon I'll be building a gypsy wagon, starting an aquaponics project, helping open a restaurant, making a hugelkultur bed in the front yard and continuing "project parenthood" all at the same time.  How?  By putting one foot in front of another and doing that over and over and over. So listing the next five things to get rid of while I have a kid in the hospital and am squeezing (pun intended for those of you who get it) work in to all the cracks in my day is simple enough, right?

These five things are outta here:
1.  A backgammon set (I have a nice one I'll keep because I think gypsies play backgammon)
2.  A pair of fuzzy hot pink pajama pants with peace signs on them
3.  Red polar fleece pullover
4.  A set of sheet garters
5.  Two standard size pillowcases

Quote Challenge 
Don Vardo Plans
Gypsy Tour Map

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