Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day Two Hundred Thirty Two

Poor little Pluto isn't a planet anymore and I'm suddenly a Sagittarius!?? Well F*CK that.  Can't they leave anything alone?  Now I know how those who were afraid to get too close to the edge of the flat world lest they'd fall off felt.  The vast majority of people who are important to me in my life (but not related to me) have been Sagittarians and I have always admired them tremendously and known that the reason I was drawn to them was because I was a CAPRICORN and not a Sagittarian.  I'm a goat putting one foot in front of the other again and again, remember?  Don't even try to sell me on their being Ophiuchus-ians or whatever.  Jeez, Is there no end to the challenges?  I am already up to my ass in alligators!  ;-)

But seriously.

Here are the five items for today.
1.  A vanilla scented candle (if you love me, never send me a cheap scented candle as a token of that love)
2.  A set of nail art pens
3.  A compact mirror
4.  My beloved Sweet Pea pajama pants (sorry BJ, you can't borrow them again)
5.  A very cheap quality stock pot

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  1. I'm one of your Sagittarian friends--glad you're joining us!! Just remember, change can be good & enlightening! Mary T.

  2. Not to rain on your parade Kim, but there's negligible and un-reproducible reliability in Zodiac sign predictions and attributions. I think you should be excited that YOU can be whoever YOU wanna be! To heck with the revisionists!

  3. Christian, don't help! I am without doubt the quintessential Capricorn. I know it is all hooey but I've so completely identified with being a Capricorn for so many years that it all seems real to me now. ;-) There is plenty of change in my life these days, I can't cope with ONE MORE THING.

  4. I thought it all began with them stating there isn't a Santa!



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