Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Day Two Hundred Twelve

Note to self. Must get to bed before midnight again one day soon.

I am two days away from my 50th birthday. I have had an idea about what would be happening in my life at this point for a long time. Of course, as life unfolds it is rarely how we planned it and I am grown up enough to actually believe it when I say that things are happening just as they should. I think the reason I've taken notice of where my life is at this point is that I actually have been envisioning it for so long. By contrast, I never really focus on what a certain Thursday in April or the 4th of July will bring to my life so there is nothing to compare. Each and every day has turned out to be such an adventure; I am eternally grateful that in the skill set that I was blessed with the ability to go with the flow is something I own. So here's to the surprises; they keep life interesting, challenging, enlightening. And here's to blogging - a commitment that has truly helped me to do as Dorie advocates in Finding Nemo: "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming." (And pull five things off closet shelves, the bookcase, or out of the garage while you paddle!!)

Special shout out to all the goddesses out there who read this.  You are on my mind this night.

These five items are leaving the premises:
1. A calligraphy kit
2. A pair of brown denim cargo shorts
3. A book light
4. A pair of 3D glasses (did you hear that last week Apple patented 3D television without the need for glasses?)
5. A saxophone music book

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  1. Keep it up Kim! I'm here, reading, sending you Happiest Ever Birthday Wishes!

  2. Nice to know you're out there....haven't seen your "smile" in a while! xo



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