Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Day Two Hundred Thirteen

Big red moon shone down on me.  

The energy after the solstice is wonderful.  Gone are my feelings of ambivalence about the holiday, I'm ready to shop a little!  I even hung candy canes on the tree today to keep the sparkling red and white lights company.  Went to put the chickens to bed and Chanticleer, the big beautiful rooster, had no interest in herding his harem to their roosts.  I think the bright moonlight was too alluring, they were looking for night insects and just hanging around.  I have an urge to shine that light into all the dark places left in the attic crawl spaces and upper shelves of the garage.   Tomorrow I turn 50.  I have to hurry off to bed so I'm asleep before midnight.  A whole new phase of life begins for me tomorrow.  At what age can a woman say she is a crone?

Here are tonight's five:
1.  A stuffed monkey - brand new and in need of someone to cuddle
2.  A pair of sweatpants
3.  A belt
4.  A computer microphone
5.  VHS copy of Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

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