Monday, December 27, 2010

Day Two Hundred Seventeen

Today it was necessary for me to work outside the home and in an office.  The morning was rushed as I prepared for the day, gathering and organizing the things I would need, plotting the course of necessary errands along the route to the office to save time.  After several hours in a space that was too cold for humans with lighting more conducive to relaxing than calculating, I called it a day and left.  By that time I was too tired and too hungry to think about coming home to cook so I did the unthinkable - I stopped and bought fast food.  Feeling compelled to feed the hordes, I phoned home and asked if anyone wanted anything.  $26 later I arrived with a bag of burgers, fries and drinks.  As we sat chewing the food that literally stuck in my throat (dang those burger buns are gummy) my daughter commented that she couldn't recall the last time I had bought fast food.  It has been ages and I'm sorry to have broken the chain.  I thought it sounded good and that it would taste good but it didn't.  I want my $26 back.  Color me grateful that my daily routine no longer includes that kind of stress.  My hat goes off to anyone working full time outside the home who manages to maintain their sanity, a clean home and puts freshly cooked, nutritious meals on the table.  Do such people exist?  They must....right?  I'm staying home tomorrow.

Here are today's five items:
1.  A Superman piggy bank (I adore Superman)
2.  A makeup case
3.  A set of unopened vanilla scented body wash and lotion
4.  A full unopened bottle of sunscreen (I only use the mineral kind now....the kind that makes me look like a lifeguard)
5.  A 2011 wall calendar

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