Saturday, December 18, 2010

Day Two Hundred Nine

Dear readers, I fell profoundly asleep on the couch.  Santa's helper just ran out of gas and unbelievably, I am going to bed at 9:20 after I dash off a quick note here.  It was interesting at the Goodwill drop-off center today.  I've never had to wait in line to donate my items before but there were several cars ahead of me.  Perhaps the spring cleaning of yesteryear has become the holiday cleaning of today?  People must be making room for the new by clearing out the old.  I used to make the kids all clean their closets and dressers in December in anticipation of the onslaught of new clothes they'd receive.  Makes me wonder if I was the only one there today just getting rid of things for the sake of sanity, clarity and an emptier house.  Sweet dreams...

Especially grateful today for the four amazing people who came through me into my life; they have enriched it in ways I will never be able to enumerate and I adore them all.

Here are the five things that hit the chopping block today:
1. A stack of about 30 plastic hangers
2. A glass coffee maker carafe
3.  A telephone
4.  Another Macintosh keyboard - I kid you not, they're everywhere they're everywhere
5.  A small lamp

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