Friday, December 17, 2010

Day Two Hundred Eight

Actually writing this at 1:02 in the morning but will post date it.  As far as I'm concerned the new day doesn't get to begin until after I've been to bed, no matter how briefly.  This time of the year there is so much to do.  I got a tree up today!  So far it only has red and white lights on it but tomorrow it'll put on a party dress and be beautiful.  I kinda like it with just the lights though.  This getting rid of things project always makes a mess.  The living room is once again covered in items as I've been tackling the attic crawl space and it has so much to work with.  So with 8" of fresh snow on the ground and a million things to do tomorrow, I'll make a trip to the thrift store and take my offering.  I sincerely hope that all these things do somebody some good through the sales made in the thrift store.  It feels kind of despicable to donate things simply because I no longer want them.  It does keep it all out of the landfill and I suppose I can't impose my desire to not have very many things on anyone else, but as I put knick knacks into the bin I feel strongly that they might just become someone else's clutter.  It is an imperfect process.

Here are the next five things to go:
1.  A graphing calculator (I found three today)
2.  A pair of knee pads for skateboarding little boys
3.  A second of the graphing calculators (who needs more than one?)
4.  A pair of men's dress slacks
5.  A boys baseball jacket

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