Thursday, December 16, 2010

Day Two Hundred Seven

As I looked around today for things to put on the blog I envisioned me moving and needing a huge dumpster just to throw away all the junk that I don't think worthy of donating.  Then it occurred to me that throwing things away is also a form of clearing clutter so the first two items on today's list fall into that category.  Diet aids.  Yuck.  I am turning 50 next week and I refuse to ever go on another diet as long as I live.  Ever.  

Still haven't been able to make myself get out the Christmas decorations.  What is that about?  Maybe because I have been repeating the mantra that my house has a one way valve on it I can't face hauling a bunch of stuff in from the garage.  Maybe it is because I just polished all my floors and with the place glistening I dread the pine needles everywhere?   I know I get to go through the bins and get rid of lots of things and even that hasn't enticed me.  I'll say the same thing today that I said yesterday.  Maybe tomorrow.

Here are today's five items:
1.  Bottle of Extreme T Diet capsules
2.  Box of Slim Shots
3.  Bag of toddler boys clothes  (I could and maybe even should open these up and do it one item at a time but am electing to not do it that way...this is probably 30 articles of clothing)
4.  Bag of boys clothes like #3 but in a bigger size
5.  Striped sweater of mine

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