Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day One Hundred Sixty Seven

All the rehearsing is over and the actual Thanksgiving feast is tomorrow.  Made the pit even bigger, deeper and hotter this time and devoted a few hours to stoking the fire to get a bed of coals about a foot deep.  No more ribs on hand but had two nice stream-caught trout that I seasoned up and tucked in alongside the turkey.  This one went in the pit frozen, let's hope it doesn't take two days to cook like the last frozen one did!  Also, I found that a 24 ounce can of fine malt liquor serves to keep you cool while you tend the very hot fire.  Three of my kids live here and one is going to college in Washington.  She arrived tonight and I'll have all four of them together for our early Thanksgiving celebration tomorrow.  I am so grateful to have them all and to have them here.  My life is a plethora of riches.

Oh Mickey You're So Fine...
Here are the five items that go into the freshly emptied big red bin in the family room tonight:
1.  Coral colored linen blouse....just looks ratty if I don't iron it and I'm not gonna
2.  Southwestern looking thing with spirals in three colors of pink...I'm over it
3.  Plain pink t-shirt
4.  Turquoise blue t-shirt with embroidery
5.  Another tank top from when I was a teenager - I'm astounded it has made it through as many moves and culls as it has

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