Friday, November 5, 2010

Day One Hundred Sixty Eight

Great day today.  The early Thanksgiving was a big success and pit roasting the turkey will become our new family tradition.  That pit is going to see a lot of action!  Watching all the kids interact with each other and with me was fun.  We are a group of individuals who are fiercely independent and yet at the same time the common thread of family weaves our lives together in ways we treasure.  I'm struck with how often the blog comes up when we're talking about things.  Having them all here seeing what is to be given away inspires them to score in a way that reading about the items doesn't.  They also all see the value of not accumulating too much stuff and that pleases me immensely.  One debate centered around a gift given from one sibling to another that the recipient really does not like.  The giver made a case for how it had to be kept and the recipient made a case for how it just needs to go away.  It was funny.  I think in the end the recipient will go home and give it away; I pointed out that I've given away many many things that were  gifts.  :-)

Here are the five items for today:
1.  Globalization of Capital and the Nation-State  by Berch Berberoglu
2.  Time, History and Belief by Ross Hassig
3.  Soulstealers by Philip A. Kuhn
4.  A bag of ink pens
5.  A blue and gray clip on tie

Quote Challenge 
Don Vardo Plans
Gypsy Tour Map

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