Monday, November 1, 2010

Day One Hundred Sixty Four

I'm not sure how it has happened but seems to me lately that the more I get rid of, the bigger a mess I have on my hands.   In the beginning it was easy to just wander through rooms and pick things up.  Now I'm getting down to more of the nitty gritty.  I actually pull everything out of closets and sort.  So the interim where I've not listed things and not gotten rid of them has caused me to have piles of things all over the place.  Piles for the kids to consider.  Piles of listed items that need to go to the donation centers.  Piles of things that are not yet listed on the blog so can't go anywhere.  Piles of things I am giving myself time to reconsider.  Since my daughter is coming home from college for an early Thanksgiving celebration next weekend I've really got to step it up and get all these things delivered to their respective charitable organizations and things cleared out.  I love getting rid of things - I'm sort of a junkie now.  I was at a friend's house last weekend and noticed a kitchen windowsill completely brimming with vases.  There had to be 15 or so.  I know she was given lots of flowers recently and either feels compelled to keep the vases they came in or just doesn't see them.  That is exactly how you end up with vases tucked around your mixing bowls, scattered among the cleaning products under your sink, on top of your refrigerator and in your windowsills.  I say resist!!!!!!  Everybody go find five vases to give away.  NOW.

These five things are outta here:
1.  A blouse I made for myself when I was 20.  Been hanging around long enough.  And T, it is sheer - lol.
2.  A pair of drawstring denim pants that hit me just below the knee.  I feel like an Oompa Loompa in them.
3.  A tank top from when I was a teenager.  Egads.
4.  A pair of olive green jeans....Ms. Green Jeans I'm not.  Truly astonished by how many pairs of pants I have since I wear two or three all the time.
5.  A long sleeved red t-shirt with those teeny tiny little baby buttons down the front.

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  1. Someone needs to be giving me flowers before I get rid of any vases! xoxo, love and miss you my friend:)

  2. As you know most of our stuff has been packed away in Maryland for the last four years so every time I go to get a vase...oh, that's right, it's in Maryland. I have been vase-less for four years. Maybe we should start a vase-swap cooperative. :-)

  3. Great idea, T. Or someone needs to send you flowers to help replenish your stock!

    Steph, me too. Waaaaaay too long. Little feathery goddesses have almost given up on ever gracing your lobes again. We work too much.

  4. If it's not too late I want the blouse!!

  5. Way too late, unfortunately. When I was getting everything nice for your visit I had your brother take the pile to the thrift store.



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