Sunday, October 31, 2010

Day One Hundred Sixty Three

Today I spent a few hours really purging the last section of my closet and dresser drawers of things I don't need or want.  After much deliberation, I relented and made a drawer of "emotional clothes".  I have shirts I had made with logos from past companies I've owned.  I have t-shirts from events I've helped organize or participated in.  I have things I wore for special occasions that bring back those memories so strongly I am afraid that if I let go of the clothes the memories could slip away.  I have things I remember how good it felt to wear even though they are not my size any more.  I have things I've made for myself.  I did the push me/pull me thing where I put them on and off the pile to give away and in the end decided to keep them for now.  Luckily I had a lot of empty drawer space so using one for this purpose isn't a big deal at this point.  Of course later I have to decide if I actually want to store them.  We'll see.

These definitely are out:
1.  Turquoise v-neck t-shirt
2.  Blue floral skirt - actually have a bad memory around this one so even though I like it I'm getting rid of it
3.  A linen blouse - beige with blue flowers
4.  Pink pajama top, liked and kept the bottoms but never liked the top and kept it just because it was part of a set!
5.  10" x 13" picture frame


  1. Just a thought - you might consider taking a picture of some of those clothes and putting them on your computer. Doesn't take up any space, yet when you see the pictures, it will still remind you of the event or company. Not quite the same as holding them, but...

  2. I know that is a good idea on an intellectual level. But the textures of the clothes, the smells, the real visual is something I can't let go of yet. I've done the picture taking for some items, though, and it is a good way to go. I will say that yesterday I let go of clothes that I had already sorted in the process and held on to previously. I'm sure that as time goes on I'll let go of more. :-)

  3. Hi,

    Make a quilt. It has the logos, smells, textures, it is a lot smaller than the individual items, and you use it every cool day to keep warm.




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