Saturday, November 27, 2010

Day One Hundred Eighty Nine

Being one who does not often go out shopping for new clothes it has baffled me that I could amass the quantity of items that I had.  So I've applied my math brain to the problem and figure that the way you get a couple hundred extra items is that over the span of ten years you acquire 20 items per year.  Now, for some that may not seem like a lot of items but I definitely do not purchase that many.  I do, however, receive clothing for various occasions as gifts.  This, in my humble opinion, is ill advised and yet I am guilty of also giving clothing to others.  It is such a personal thing to pick out shirts that fall right, are in a color that you like and will wear, are of a fabric and country of origin that doesn't offend, etc.  Don't even think about buying pants, right?  Only disaster can result of that folly.  While most women can never have too many wonderful cotton or flannel nightgowns in enormous sizes, almost all other articles of clothing are a gamble.

I remember a gift I was given by someone dear to me many years ago.  It was a two piece baby blue dress with polyster lace on the front, an elastic waistband and it came from Sears.  It was made of some poly/nylon blend and it was absolutely hideous.  I had to wear that thing out in public because I would never have offended the giver who was so very pleased with their choice.  Sadly, calamity befell that particular item in short order in the form of a large red wine stain.  I was appropriately saddened and tried (snicker) to get that stain out before I had to relinquish it to the trash.  

So with the holidays fast approaching (I like to put off even the initial thought of Christmas until the calendar turns the page to December but that is nearly impossible in this society) I offer this counsel.  Go now and make room for the sweaters, pajamas, slippers, scarves, pants, shirts and boots that will inevitably be showered upon you.  Then, before you put a single new item away find one that it replaces and let go of that one, too.  Only by making subtraction an equal part of the equation with addition will you ever be able to open and close your drawers without a struggle and keep your dresser top free from overflow.  Not to mention the laundry room counter, the top of the cedar chest, the hooks on the back of the door and all the other places we stash clothes that just don't fit.

This is how they do it!  They make it look like clothing is a natural choice for a gift.

Here are the last makeup items.  Tomorrow I do today's and with those ten I'm even again!  Woo hoo!

1.  A set of building blocks
2.  A boom box
3.  A 16"x20" cork bulletin board
4.  A striped and floral print necktie
5.  A black pillowcase
6.  Two CD set called "Drifting Away" - music to sleep by
7.  Boxed set of Eckhart Tolle's The Power of Now on cassette
8.  Beige painted wood 5x7" frame
9.  Black document frame
10.  Black document frame
11.  Black document frame
12.  Callanetics VHS workout tape
13.  The Firm Aerobic Workout VHS tape
14.  Beauty and the Beast on VHS
15.  A blank VHS tape - I don't record anymore


  1. You probably just didn't like that baby blue outfit cause you couldn't see through it. :-)

  2. I am so used to seeing (and ignoring) ads that I had to look twice at today's entry. I thought you had ad sponsorship or some such nonsense!

  3. That's funny. Figure the odds! I may eventually figure out how to put ads on the blog with meaningful stuff like piano shawls with long, luxurious fringe. ;-)



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