Friday, November 26, 2010

Day One Hundred Eighty Eight

Since I had fallen so far behind in items I had to really work at it today and it made me realize how much I've cleared.  I have made stunning progress.  I'd open a drawer and see that everything in it was something I was keeping, no extra junk anywhere.  It happened with drawer after drawer after drawer.  I opened two closets that had absolutely no junk in them.  Amazing.  I am devoted to living this way forever. I think after all the items that I no longer want are given away I will put it on my calendar to do a sweep once a week of a particular area like dresser drawers or the laundry room or the desk.  If I rotate the areas I go through and come back to them every several weeks I will surely come across things I don't need to hang onto and be able to keep things nice.  Between now and when the market turns around enough for me to feel comfortable putting my house up for sale I will be ever vigilant with what is brought into the house and consistent about giving things away.  I still have the garage to deal with and now it is very cold so I guess I'm going to be venturing into the attic crawl spaces where I am sure there is a veritable smorgasbord of blog items.  Hope the spiders don't get me!

The following make up for some of the missing days:
1.  Black and gray under armor t-shirt
2.  White insulated bucket
3.  Green denim jacket
4.  Pair of black leather shoes - look like bowling shoes to me!
5.  Red candy dish
6.  AC/DC t-shirt
7.  Powder blue polo shirt
8.  University of Delaware t-shirt - this is super soft and would make a great dusting rag but I have plenty of those
9.  Green t-shirt
10.  Navy Blue t-shirt
11.  Dark gray sweat pants
12. How to Find God 
13.  South of the Clouds by Seth Faison
14.  The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying by Sogyal Rinpoche
15.  Transcending Conquest by Stephanie Wood
16.  Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser
17.  The Art of Seduction by Robert Greene
18.  The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt by Edmond Morris
19.  Iron & Silk by Mark Salzman
20.  A Graduation Gown
21.  Baggie full of Corona bottle caps - sometimes ebay is a very dangerous place to go
22.  Box of black Papermate pens
23.  Package of machine screws
24.  Shade umbrella for attaching to a lawn chair
25.  Package of index tabs for a 3 ring binder
IOU 15 more....I can only find so many in one day, I'll catch up tomorrow.

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  1. Hi Kim,

    Hope things are improving for Jordan.

    I was hoping your could give something away to me? You get to keep it and give it away; I was wondering if you still had the recipe for the fried, then baked, caramelized sweet potatoes. I always make it, but I do not remember the oven temp or some trick, because sometimes the wonderful, sweet caramelized bits stick to the cast iron skillet instead of to the sweet potatoes.




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