Friday, October 22, 2010

Day One Hundred Fifty Four

Wow.  I don't know if this only happens in my family or not but we are relentlessly "helping" each other out with little tips that just crack me up.  Last year my daughter gave me a gorgeous velvet jacket.  It is magenta and fits me perfectly.  It had rather nondescript buttons on it which I immediately replaced with gorgeous roses I made from clay.  I LOVE this thing.  When they told me to bring a jacket for the balloon ride as it would be chilly I was thrilled to pack it so I could show it to my family.  Imagine the look on my face when my younger sister put her cell phone up to her ear and said, "Yes, just a minute."  Then, handing it to me she said, "It's Willy Wonka.  He wants his jacket back."  

Tonight my daughter came by and looked at me and said my hair looked a little "Bob Ross".  Both comments made me really crack up.  I have had friends witness this bizarre ritual we go through with each other and think we're being mean.  It really is all in fun, we love each other to the moon and are only playing. 

I hate to report that again I didn't get my trailer chassis ordered but there is just seemingly no end to the number of tasks I  must complete in a day lately and I have to wait to give it my full attention as it has to be customized and there are details to work out.  Hope springs eternal, I'm going to write it all up over the weekend and hopefully get to it on Monday.  I can already picture its little raspberry scrumptiousness in my driveway.
Happy Little Hairdo
I think these five represent the last of the VHS tapes that I can get rid of:
1.  Anne of the Thousand Days
2.  Cruel Intentions
3.  The Red Balloon
4.  Parenthood
5.  Ever After

Quote Challenge 
Don Vardo Plans
Gypsy Tour Map


  1. Hi, Kim! You are such an inspiration! For the past couple years, I've been looking at property in Nor Cal for when I retire. But even with the real estate collapse, I can't afford even my 800 ft dream home. So, after following your Gypsy Wagon progress, and after a friend of mine (& her husband & teen-age son) spent the summer in a 16 ft trailer, traveling, I've decided that having a home that MOVES would be far more fun than being stuck in one place. So, I've decided to find MY gypsy/trailer & today I'm starting my information search. Then when I begin my retirement adventure in 2 years, I'll be ready. Thanks for being such a great example!

  2. Half the fun is in the planning and researching for me. Good luck with the search. But to be clear, I'm only going to do the gypsy thing for a couple of years at the most. Then I am actually going to hand build a house for myself on land I bought in Central Nevada long ago. No building codes in Nye county and that makes it an excellent value. I'll build about 600 sf eventually. I suspect I'll hit the road often in my gypsy wagon though and when I'm not traveling in it the plan is to use it as a guest house. :-)



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