Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day One Hundred Fifty Three

Wow.  I just love the internet.  I love the exposure to so many different points of view and the little peeks we get into other peoples' lives that we ordinarily wouldn't.  A reader posted a link in a comment yesterday as a response to the 50 Items or Less blog I referenced.

It started simply as an experiment, no big statement about minimalism to be made.  I like that.  Often the greatest inspirations come from sources that aren't intending to inspire.  I counted 94 participants in their experiment to reduce the number of clothing items you wear to six or less and not deviate from them for one month.  There are some great stories to read.  Everything from the drive to find accessories like your grandmother's poodle pin to jazz up the same outfit to a story of a professional woman who swears nobody even noticed.  Worth a look for sure.  Again, the arbitrary number isn't something I'm well suited to but they aren't advocating that people do it forever, just that they stick with it for a month to see what they learn.  Very cool.  Fun to stretch and try and experiment and challenge.  I was working mentally on my list of 50 items and now I'm working on limiting the clothing items to six...(you get a jacket, undergarments, workout clothes and a swimming suit for "free").  Six Items or Less

I know I said I'd order the trailer chassis by today but the plain truth is I was too busy to give it the time it needs.  There is always tomorrow!

Found this little beauty here:  Gravel and Gold

Today's five items - letting go of VHS tapes as I'll be letting go of my VHS player:
1.  All Dogs go to Heaven
2.  Sleeping Beauty
3.  Antz
4.  Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
5.  The Jungle Book

note to self:  Watch Dumbo on VHS several times in the next few months before letting it go.

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