Saturday, October 23, 2010

Day One Hundred Fifty Five

Spent quite a bit of time this evening trying to commit to a size for the gypsy wagon.  While you might think this is the kind of thing I would have settled on long ago, it isn't.  I had originally thought I would make it super small.  Then I had visions of grandeur and considered a 16' trailer length which, when you add the tongue and the porch would have been a total length of 23'.  I've since taped off different sized areas in the family room and moved furniture around trying to envision the space and drawn it out on graph paper a half dozen different ways and think I've finally decided.  I'm going to go with a 12' interior living space, a 5' tongue and a 30" back porch.  This keeps the whole thing just under 20' in length from end to end.  It won't be palatial but, again, I must remind myself that this isn't for LIVING in.  It is a rolling art studio with a bed.  My full size bed will take up 54" of the length leaving me with a 7'6" by 6'10" space, just over 50 square feet, in which to place a work table and cabinets.  I'll also have all the space under the bed for storage as well as two 28" wide benches on the porch and a storage box at the back of the tongue.  

I have a beautiful quarter sawn oak table that I think will do nicely for a work table and two of the chairs that go to it will fit perfectly.  Graph paper is my friend.  Sadly, I just don't think I can take Wanda's (a dear friend I lost a few years ago who would have loved the gypsy wagon idea) beautiful red rocker with me.  I have a lot of lovely lace from her that will have to serve as her presence.

So, I think I've got it figured out.  Eureka!  :-)  

(Can't help but wonder if anyone noticed the "bling" spot I put on the teeth of the Bob Ross cartoon yesterday...photoshop fun.)

Tonight's five items are:
1.  A large black plant pot
2.  The golf clubs I tried unsuccessfully to sell on Craig's List
3.  A bird cage - cockatiel size
4.  Tall blue vase with a gold rim
5.  Wicker basket that held magazines for years - until I went through and recycled them recently

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Don Vardo Plans
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  1. I am ashamed to say that I did not notice the bling on Bob yesterday. In my defense I'm not at all sure who Bob is and for all I know he always looks that way. :-) But I am sure that I have never seen your hair like that. Humidity-driven corkscrew curls sure, but no fro.

    I just checked and the average prison cell is 60 square feet but that does include the bed, urinal, and a crazoid roomie.

  2. Nice. I'll have you know that at 84 sf total it will roomy as can be. I've figured out a way to have a guest bed so you may, on occasion and by invitation, be my prison roommate. Bob Ross is the public television guy who does the painting show, "Let's just put a happy little tree right here." And there is a magical combination of no product, humidity and running my fingers through before it dries that gives me a faux 'fro of sorts. :-/



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