Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Day One Hundred Thirty Nine

More rain, more hail, more stuff cleared.  Love these days where the work and the clearing and the kids and the weather all have big significance in the day.  A peregrine falcon kept worrying the chickens, just messing with them as they are definitely too big for this little raptor to carry off.  It was strange to see bullying in the natural world but that is what it appeared to be.  Went for a walk through the wetlands in my neighborhood with my son and my dog and the smells were just intoxicating.  Ahhhh.  Life was rich today.

These things have found their way into the donation basket on day 139:

1.  A left handed cup - the lefty in the family moved away and left this behind
2.  A pair of sandals
3.  Another pair of sandals
4.  One of those fat separating measuring cups
5.  A ceramic cup for holding toothbrushes in the 

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