Monday, October 4, 2010

Day One Hundred Thirty Eight

I am trying to not spend money on anything frivolous.  I saw this book mentioned on  Polymer Clay Daily as one of the featured cabinets in the book is partially made from polymer clay:

So instead of immediately hopping on to to buy this I'm going to get my work done and then go down to Borders and scope it out in person to decide if I can or cannot live without it.  Looks fab, doesn't it?  I'm joining the local woodworking club, the Nevada Woodchucks.  Might as well make my own cabinets for the gypsy wagon.  I figure if you're gonna be a bear, be a grizzly, right?  

Ok, so I got my work done and went to both Borders and to Barnes and Noble.  Neither store had it.  I tried, honest.  Neither store would even order it in for me to look at without prepayment.  So, in the end I hopped on to and I'll have it by Thursday.   However, I am glad I made the trek out to the bookstores as I got caught in a cell of this huge storm that has been moving through.  The hail was deafening and the streets were running curb to curb with water and people were slipping around in their cars.  I pulled off into a parking lot to wait it out safely and just enjoyed the splendor of it all.  The lightning ropes were big and thick and very white and almost instantly the thunder would boom and crackle all around me.  In the desert weather of any kind is an event as most days are clear and sunny so when I experience something like this I'm always awestruck.  Now, hours later, it is just pouring rain and there are flash flood warnings.  All I can think of is how my swales are filling up and how I can almost hear all the plants singing their praises to the storm.  Every tree is standing a little taller tonight.

I snapped a couple of pictures with my cell phone in the storm:

Hail!  We had a 95 degree day last week.

Click on this one and look at the big puddle in the center of this photo...
Here are the five items for today:

1.  A pair of shoes
2.  A navy blue Eddie Bauer adirondack
3.  A white scarf
4.  A cheese grater
5.  A gold tone picture frame

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