Sunday, October 3, 2010

Day One Hundred Thirty Seven

I work from home.   I love that arrangement and all the flexibility it gives me.  Today I spent time organizing things, reassessing the arrangement, filing.  I threw open all the windows in the house and the scent of rain-soaked rabbit brush kept me company.  It is a very distinctive scent and one of my very favorites.  Now it is quite dark outside and the air is cool and I'm perfectly happy.  Hooray for fall rain that comes when the rabbit brush is blooming.  Hooray for dreams of gypsy wagons that dance in my head and make me smile.  Hooray for friends who make my heart feel as though it will burst.  Hooray for crock pots.  Life is good.


These five things are outta here:

1.  A glass candle holder that looks kind of like a sea urchin
2.  Another stack of little loaf pans
3.  A tall Tupperware container - I think for spaghetti
4.  A VHS copy of Nightmare Before Christmas
5.  A VHS copy of Peter Pan

Quote Challenge 
Don Vardo Plans
Gypsy Tour Map

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  1. Hooray for dreamers and the dreams that come true.



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