Saturday, October 9, 2010

Day One Hundred Forty Three

Arrived safely in Sedona.  Twelve hours and forty five minutes from start to finish.  That included time to pick up a sister (and of course quickly tour her magnificent garden) and make a couple stops for gas.  We got to see the sunrise on the beginning of the trip in Nevada and a gorgeous sunset over Sedona as we arrived.  I am endlessly enamored with the beauty of the wild west.  I am a western girl, through and through.  It was nice to be in Arizona with my aunt, someone who knows the difference between a gully washer and a monsoon.  We're the real deal.  To be here in the company of these women who nurture me and love me and entertain me is an honor.

Here are today's five items:

1.  One dark green flat sheet
2.  One flat sheet stolen from a hospital
3.  One standard raw organic cotton pillowcase
4.  Lime green standard pillowcase
5.  Plain white king size pillowcase

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