Friday, October 8, 2010

Day One Hundred Forty Two

I'm very lucky in love. That is to say I am well loved.  I am blessed with a group of friends who truly make my heart sing.  I have three sisters, an aunt and a cousin who are all kindred spirits. We try to get together for big celebrations when milestones are passed; significant birthdays, installations as Grand something or other and in between just because. We look forward to these occasions with great anticipation. They are usually planned far out in advance to make it possible for six active women to find dates that work for all. We've been planning on converging in Sedona in my honor for the past few years. I will be 50 in December but October worked for everyone and Sedona is nicer now than in December anyway. So tomorrow morning at a ridiculously early hour my aunt and I will head for Arizona, picking up a sister along the way. Let the wild rumpus start!

I've dotted every i and crossed every t and am leaving things in order.  I even dropped off goddesses and hearts that I made to my friend at Pathways Spirit...if you live in Reno go check it out (323 E. Moana Lane).

I was very diligent and went through the house today and found the number of items necessary for the days I'm gone. I'll pop on and give updates, maybe post a couple of pictures and list my items.

Today I give up the collection of lame wine openers I have. My aunt ridiculed me and has shamed me into it. I'm not much of a wine drinker but it is true that I have the worst, cheapest implements for the task you can imagine. She says she's getting me a decent bottle opener as a gift so I'm taking a leap of faith and getting rid of the rag tag selection I now own:

1. A corkscrew that is exactly and only that; a screw on the end of a wooden handle
2. Another one, but with a richer, prettier cheap wooden handle
3. One of the truly awful plastic ones you buy in a pinch on vacation after wandering into a cool little shop somewhere for wine, bread and cheese
4. A metal corkscrew that sort of folds in on itself and is dangerous to open. Off on one side there is a medieval looking very sharp hook - I have no idea how this relates to corks and bottles.
5.  A faux Swiss army knife - I bet I could McGiver a wine bottle open with this thing if I had to!

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  1. Have a wonderful time in Sedona. A magical place for a memorable birthday celebration. Hope they've hired extra police.



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