Sunday, October 10, 2010

Day One Hundred Forty Four

Spent the day at an art festival where all my family wore pieces of art jewelry that I have gifted them over the years.  It was really gratifying to have several artists inquire where they got their jewelry.  :-)

Over whiskey and wine we have tried diligently to figure out a few family mysteries.  Was Grandma B's house really a speakeasy?  Was the ghost Mom used to say she saw in a filmy nightgown a working girl?  How many puppies did we get stuck bringing home from that wedding where the boys were fighting and our brother threw up at the reception and we broke down outside Hawthorne?  Who do you think the mystery husband that Mom's best friend has alluded to was?  When we get all of us together we piece together the puzzle that my childhood was.  I encourage you all to tell your stories.  Or write them down.  Blogs are a nice format.....

Here are the five items for today:

1.  Sage green queen size contour
2.  Sage green queen size flat
3.  One wall hanging made of metal with a spiral in the center
4.  An intercom system
5.  A bolt of groovy, 70's kind of patterned upholstery fabric in blue/brown/beige

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