Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Day One Hundred Forty Seven

My cousin's husband took a trip from Sedona to visit his family in Newfoundland.  He did this on a motorcycle.  The trip was 9,000 miles long and he did it in 16 days of driving; eight days there, three and a half weeks visiting and eight days back.  So as I sit here with a fire pot burning in the center of a round table outside on the patio listening to him tell about the adventure I am inspired anew.  I realize I will not do the Gypsy Tour at warp speed.  Nor will I have to worry about where I can lay my head down on a pillow.  I won't have to worry about ending up in a dry county.  I realize that the adventures are very different in detail but very similar in intent.  The desire to hit the road and go is something that many of us feel the pull of.  He did the trip, had a wonderful time, gathered a bunch of great stories to retell for years to come, memories that will last forever and a short term fix for the wanderlust.  Next summer he will hike the John Muir Trail with his two sons.  Here's to Pete and all of us with a little gypsy spirit hanging out in a corner of our souls.

Spent the entire day outside today.  Sedona is glorious in the fall.  My sisters created a wondrous mobile with beads hung from a branch off our cousin's land.  Art rocks.

Here are today's five items:

1.  rubber spatula
2.  can opener - simple kind that pries
3.  nutcracker
4.  rubber spatula
5.  bizarre hook thing on a wooden handle..for turn meat maybe?  or a buttonhook?

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