Thursday, October 14, 2010

Day One Hundred Forty Eight

Another great day today as the vacation draws to an end.  I was reminded of a great patterning workshop I took in New Mexico several years ago from one of the best permaculture teachers I've had the pleasure to study under.  On the first day we went for a hike; we were on an 80 acre piece of property and we walked and walked.  When we stopped we were told, "This is the answer.  We'll spend the rest of the workshop figuring out what the question is."  Not only was this an unusual and intriguing way to teach (I'm someone who loves a puzzle), but it was also very effective.  Turns out the question was, "Where on this piece of property is the best place for human participation?"  In permaculture you assess this by reading the patterns in the landscape and observing the flows of energy.  This morning I was in the air for a thirteen mile trip over the Arizona landscape in a hot air balloon.  Getting up above the landscape is the very best way to see the energy flows and it reminded me of the trip up in a little tiny plane we took during that workshop as we learned to read the landscape from the sky.  It was a wondrous experience, something I've always wanted to do.  Long ago I declared that I would rather have experiences than gifts and so all these wonderful women gifted me the balloon ride.  In the picture you can see our balloon reflected in the foreground and the company's other balloon in the background.  Even from this picture you can see the difference in the types of vegetation and their size based on their aspect.  You can see the powerful force of the seasonal rains as they travel across the terrain.  In the balloon we could feel the airflow - the pilot was great, telling us all about the prevailing winds in the area.  

A big thank you to my sisters, my aunt and my cousin for the magnificent day in my honor.  I am truly grateful and so very blessed.

Today's five items:

1.  A big flat frosting knife
2.  A rubber spatula
3.  A rubber spatula - I think these sunk to the bottom of the drawer and I'd buy another new one when I couldn't find it!
4.  Navy blue flat sheet
5.  One white v-neck t-shirt

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