Saturday, October 16, 2010

Day One Hundred Forty Nine

Yes, I missed a day.   As superhuman as I may be as a clutter clearer, I can't conjure up an internet connection in a little town in the middle of Nevada when I need to post a blog entry.  It was a wonderful vacation and I will hit the ground running on Monday after resting tomorrow.  I'd like to make a tremendous effort here tonight and list yesterday's items along with today's and write a wonderful piece but frankly, I'm just too tired.  I'll be back at it all tomorrow, I promise to make up the missing items.  Tonight I rest.  Eye candy alert!  Here is the lace I bought that I blogged about a few days ago:

Lace for the Gypsy Wagon
Sedona Through the Lace

Five things that are outta here:
1.  Good Housekeeping cookbook - the old one with the red & white checked cover and food stains slopped on many pages
2.  An odd little glass thing that is supposed to be a weather prediction device - it failed to accurately forecast rain even once in a month that has had more precip here than any October since 1871
3.  A canvas backpack
4.  A red suitcase
5.  Big stack of hangers

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