Sunday, October 17, 2010

Day One Hundred Fifty

I have been the kind of mom who has always made things for my kids.  Halloween costumes were elaborate - a rabbit jumping out of a giant tophat, a peapod, an elegant satin vampire cape, m&ms, evil queen and snow princess etc.  I made "morning pants" with extra deep pockets, knitted sweaters with favorite characters on them, sewed flannel nightgowns with lace and ruffles, made Easter dresses with embroidery on the yokes, sleep sacks for tiny babies and banners for the soccer team.  So to go through my sewing things brings up many memories.   I have always had a warm affinity for home sewing as I have early memories of my mother sitting at her sewing machine.  So slowly I'm sorting fabric and notions and letting go.  I'm keeping the nightgown and morning pants patterns as well as some of the costume patterns....with visions of grandbabies dancing in my head.  Tomorrow I will call with the specs for the trailer chassis and get a finalized quote in anticipation of ordering it before week's end!  Woo hoooooo!

Today's five items are:
1.  A cone of pink thread
2.  Another cone of pink thread
3.  A cone of black thread
4.  A cone of white thread
5.  A woman's dress pattern

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