Monday, October 18, 2010

Day One Hundred Fifty One

Day number 151.  Makes me think of rum which makes me think of coconuts which makes me think of how much coconut water my son drinks which makes me happy because it isn't soda or a sport drink or anything with artificial additives.  My math brain also does the quick arithmetic of 365 - 151 = 214 x 5 = 1070 more items need to go on the blog and then I wonder - will I make it?  Ok, I'll snap out of it; just a little stream of consciousness there for a minute....

My daughter came by and this evening we played a Monopoly card game.  She beat me.  I often lose at games even though I've always loved to play.  She said she couldn't help it, she's just innately talented at "all things Hasbro".  How nice for her.  I'm good at Texas Hold 'Em and backgammon and you play those for money so she can have her Hasbro talents.  My sisters, cousin and aunt all kicked my ass at games the whole week we were supposed to be celebrating my birthday; they never let me win.    :-p

Found a big roll of 34 cent stamps while clearing things today.  I put it in the case I'm keeping that I've put all the odd cards I keep finding in.  You know, three Christmas cards left from a set purchased a decade ago, the free cards sent in fundraising effort letters, thank you notes that were a Secret Santa gift from a club holiday celebration long ago.  I gathered them all up and vow to use them before purchasing new cards for any occasion.  Since I'm not a great card giver in the first place I figure I may have something close to a lifetime supply.  Used a nice drawing of a hydrangea for my daughter's birthday card and she liked it!

Top five on the hit parade today:
1.  A wallet
2.  A leather checkbook cover
3.  A solar powered calculator
4.  Yet another bag of markers
5.  An electrical outlet splitter adapter thingamajig

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  1. Hey Kimbo! Sorry to have been away so long. Amazing how much stuff we accumulate. Bad news... no bluets this fall. Lots of shaggy parasols though; very tasty. The chickens are molting, so egg production is way down. We still have enough extra for your omelet. Oh, and the little French gray shallots had a banner year.

  2. This reminds me you were in town and I missed you! I was in Las Vegas dying of a horrible illness. Good news is I'm all better now. Bummer about the bluets but I'd love to taste a succulent, yummy little shaggy parasol or two nestled up next to some little shallots all cozy in butter.....

    Got some French Black Copper Marans chickens, expecting Cadbury eggs any day now. Got my first little egg two days ago, huge orange yolk. Yum.



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