Monday, October 25, 2010

Day One Hundred Fifty Seven

My youngest son skirted around the issue for a while and then finally asked me, "Ok, Mom, what's with the tape on the floor?"  He finally noticed that I had moved furniture out of the way and taped off an area equal to the space I'll have in the gypsy wagon for setting up my art studio like I mentioned here a couple of days ago.  I find that the task of understanding something that is on paper is difficult for me when it comes to spatial relationships.  I had graph paper out and made little squares to scale that represent the furniture I'd like to include and I just couldn't "see" it.  So with the taped off area I got a much better sense of what I'll have to work with.  It is actually larger than I thought it would be.  Now I am really trying to get my act together about the trailer chassis and have been going over the plans I bought and the size I've decided on and trying to really, truly understand how it all goes together so I can order this thing accurately.  I think I finally understand it!  I now understand things like tension ties and rain screens, angle iron and headers.  :-)

I still need to draw the diagram but now that I understand it I should be able to get that accomplished and move forward.  Woo hoo.  I took a semester of mechanical drawing a few years ago just for fun, we'll see if I remember anything!  Bringing this project to fruition is a slow process doing it this way.  When I first conceived the idea of the gypsy tour I was looking for little used travel trailers and found a 14 footer for six or seven hundred dollars.  Had I bought it I'd probably be hanging lace pretties in it by now.  However, when I came across the first picture of a gypsy wagon everything in my head and my heart just fell into place and I knew it was what I would do.  So slow is good.  I spend my life doing things fast and this feels soooo good.  I imagine it is a lot like watching paint dry for my readers though.

Interesting letting things go tonight.  I pulled things out of a kitchen cupboard and then put them back in three or four different times.  I have four little glasses that are amber colored and look like miniature brandy snifters which, much like the rose shaped silicone mold, I've never used.  Yet once I had them on the counter to go I suddenly had visions of grandkids sitting in my kitchen someday drinking special tea out of them and I put them back.  Maybe I'll keep them and maybe they'll eventually go.  Who knows?  Did that with a few things tonight, must be feeling sentimental or something.

Here are five things I'm letting go of for sure:
1.  A salt shaker (No, T, it isn't cute - just homely and functional)
2.  A wooden napkin ring
3.  Another wooden napkin ring
4.  A beer glass shaped like a boot that I got in Germany - maybe a kid will see this and claim it
5.  An odd glass weather predicting thing (Sorry, Leah, it just didn't work out; failed to predict rain during the wettest October in Reno since 1871)

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