Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Day One Hundred Fifty Eight

Yikes!  It is late late late.  I sat down to work on a billiard bird and got completely carried away on a wave of whimsy.  I made a quail and a buzzard and reworked the two I did first.  Changing the angles of the components really gave them a different look.  I like them a bunch.  I want them to be finials on my chicken coop fence posts.  Interestingly, everyone who has seen them says that is a huge waste of them, which was also the opinion about the mosaic I did over the chicken coop door.  I don't feel that way; I like to decorate the mundane and make it fun.  I know I'm eventually leaving this house and that any realtor will tell you to make your house look as little like your personality as you can so that potential buyers can see themselves and their things in the house.  While I get that and plan to have the interior looking a lot like a model home when I list it, the fun in my landscape stays.  About this I am resolute.  Someone will come along and fall in love with it.  They will remember it after they're gone.  And in the meantime.....I live here!  Pictures of the birds hopefully tomorrow.

Here are tonight's five...glad I gathered them up early in the day as I'm tuckered out:
1.  A kite that looks like a frog
2.  A kite that looks like a turtle
3.  A nifty spool of kite string
4.  A little gray/green velvet purse with beads along the bottom
5.  A decorative bottle I sometimes used for a bud vase

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  1. Trying desperately to remember if I ever said that the chicken coop mosaic was a waste and I don't think so. Phew. Once more dodging the Catholic guilt. My only problem with leaving the chicken coop embellishments behind is that I WANT THEM on my house. But since you'll be staying here for years I can get my own...I'll provide the billiard balls.

  2. Nope, you're not the guilty party, if you want to put it like that! Actually, several people told me the mosaic would make great art as a stand alone piece. Just observations, not guilt!! As for your own personal set of billiard birds we'll have to see what you have to trade. Potty privileges? Groceries? (Or will I be cooking, too?)

  3. Oh sorry, house at the beach with view, golf cart and witty repartee not enough value for a few paltry fowl balls (hehe)? Of course you're cooking...jeez.

  4. Oh, wonderful. I'm totally adopting the name Fowl Balls. I was calling them Billiard Birds but I like Fowl Balls better. You are soooooo clever. ;-)

    Ok, I'll cook if we can shop at the Piggly Wiggly.



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