Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day One Hundred Fifty Nine

Ok, worked ten hours and then had a great dinner with friends so I got home very late.  I'm toast.  No, I did not get the trailer chassis ordered yet.  I did, however, receive a delightful letter from good friends who are embarking on an adventure on a grand scale.  They've moved to an intentional community in Missouri called the Possibility  Alliance where they're building themselves a house of cob and straw bales on the land there.  This place is infrastructure challenged, they choose to live off the grid and without petroleum use or electricity.  They call what they're undertaking "radical simplicity" and to receive an actual hand written letter from them filling me in on how they're doing and what is going on there is sheer joy.

Also got the picture below from my cousin in Sedona, taken from her patio.  This is the same balloon company we took our ride in but it looks like they had a very different experience than we did.  We didn't land anywhere near where she lives, just floated right over.  Guess we lucked out!

Billiard Birds tomorrow...made a "Silly Goose".

These five items are leaving today:
1.  A plug in detector for something...radon maybe?  Can't read it without glasses and figure if I have had it in a drawer for years then I probably don't need it no matter what it detects.
2.  A filter for a phone jack that you get the internet through
3.  A set of 12 Pentel Oil Pastels
4.  A small pewter picture frame - uh oh, I think I can use this in a billiard ball sculpture...eek!
5.  A speaker cable

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