Monday, September 20, 2010

Day One Hundred Twenty Four

I've been reading my Vagabonding book and am struck by what a natural fit this seems to be for me.  The advice given again and again is to be prepared but not overly so and to have no expectations.  That is how I'm approaching this in a nutshell.  I'm not setting an exact route, I'm won't set a timetable. I refuse to compromise about the gypsy wagon but other than that practically every other detail is open to rethinking and change.  The only expectation that I have is that I will see people I haven't seen in a long time and have unforeseen adventures.  I hope that certain things will happen, I certainly aspire to leaving a trail of great projects in my wake and to learning new skills along the way.  I also want to chronicle my journey; for a purely selfish reason.  I know that with four children it is a safe bet that I'll have grandkids someday.  Kids born into this world of high tech living will need reminders about some of the simple things that life offers up to us.  I want to leave something behind for them so that they'll see possibilities they might not have otherwise considered.  Posterity.  I want to put it all down for posterity.  

I read The Artist's Way years ago and one of the exercises in it is to write what author Julia Cameron calls "The Morning Pages".  You are to just write whatever comes to mind each morning until you've filled three notebook pages with handwriting.  Not a journal, not a writing exercise, just whatever comes to mind.  I filled a few spiral notebooks doing this many years ago.  I recall many mornings with my notebook and pen and cup of coffee.  I would get up super early, trying to complete the writing before the kids started pouring out of bedrooms with sleepy faces and many needs.  Many days I completed them with someone on my lap and many days I had to be satisfied with less than three pages.  I came across them not long ago and took time out to read through several of the entries.  It was so fun to have my memory nudged, there was a lot in them that I had forgotten.  I want to do that on my journey, just write whatever comes to mind and see where it takes me.  Another exercise was to take yourself on an art field trip, go see something inspiring.  Seems like my whole Gypsy Tour will serve that purpose, right?  I can hardly wait to see what I can see.  :-)

A comment made on my post yesterday was that my absences are a valid part of my blog and its "truthiness".  I guess that's true even though I am conscious of having to fill in the old blanks just to keep the numbers accurate...that is what I do for a living after all.  But not tonight, I actually have a sore throat.  Again.

Tonight's offerings:

1.  Paperback book of Sudoku puzzles
2.  Bottle of Rootone rooting hormone
3.  Spray bottle of cat deterrent
4.  Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J. K. Rowling
5.  Bottle of vegetable glycerin

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