Sunday, September 19, 2010

Day One Hundred Twenty Three

I'm BACK!  I'm probably overestimating how much I was missed but I can honestly say that I'm happy to have a live internet-connected laptop under my fingertips.  There is nothing like several days away from home and a fever to bring up lots and lots of issues.

Something very telling happened while I was driving home today.  You know that feeling you get when you've been gone a while and you come around that turn on the highway that opens up the vista where your city is revealed?  I am usually so excited to see Reno when I'm coming home.  Today I took the detour through the Big Smoky Valley on my way home. There is a place right around Carver's where the highway shifts to the western side of the valley and the vista opens up and when it did my heart actually did that little flippy thing that happens when you're in love.  Sounds sooooo corny but it is true.  There is just no other way to describe it.  I stopped and walked my property and enjoyed the smells and tasted the water running out of a pipe on the adjoining parcel.  I watched the birds play and marveled at the clouds moving across the sky.  It was delightful.  When I got to Reno, however, there was no flippy thing.   There was a desire to sleep in my own bed but, the people notwithstanding (seriously need some BFF time), I felt no delight to be back home.  I find that very telling.  

So that is the first thing I wanted to get down in writing.  For those of you who are dreading my leaving please remember this story about the little heart flippy thing.

Next thing is I've been thinking about connectivity and electronics and expenses while traveling.  In an effort to be as connected as I want to be but not carry around a ton of different items I've designed in my head this perfect little setup with an iPad and a Verizon WiFi card.  The iPad without the 3G option will work fine with the Verizon WiFi card and can double as a phone.....yes, a great big phone.  I hate little phones and their stupid little buttons.  I have read that Skype works great on the iPad so I'm lovin' that plan.  I'll have my laptop along for watching movies or "how-to" DVDs and maybe even the occasional help to my successor.  I'll have phone and internet for about $60/month.  Anyone see big problems with that line of thinking?

Lots more...I'll be back tomorrow.  I know I owe items for the days I missed and I'll get to it.  Here are a couple of pictures from yesterday's outing in Central Nevada.

This is one of the old hangars at the airport outside Tonopah...LOVE those trusses!
Rock formation outside Peavine Canyon

Here is what I rounded up tonight:

1.  A big plastic shoebox stuffed full of seeds - this goes to my sister who has recently built a fabulous veggie garden for the first time in her yard which she tends with the grandkids
2.  A package of 4" peat pots
3.  A package of stuff that coats your tool handles with some rubbery/plasticy compound
4.  A box of Miracle-Gro
5.  Half a bag of Spanish moss

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  1. I have those little heart flippy things too, but I call them menopause symptoms, or when I see Gary.

    So happy you have a home in the desert, you've spoken of it so fondly over the decades, you have created this lovely reality you're embarking on. If you find any wild flower seeds you wanna send up to the mountains, I'm down. I'm glad to know there's a product of "stuff that coats your tool handles with some rubbery/plasticy compound." When you've had Labrador Retrievers as long as I have, you find every tool has been used as a chew toy. Shovel? check. Rake? check. Hose? check. Hammer? check. Hedge trimmers? check. Underwear.... oh, wait, that's for another story, but check.

    I love you. I love your blog. I gave up on mine, but instead, I'm glad to LEARN five things a day. : )

  2. I don't recommend dipping underwear in this stuff! I'll bring it to you for tool handles, though. ;-)

    Wildflower seeds, check!

  3. WELCOME BACK my darling!!! Oh you were missed. You know, your sick days are part of the blog too. Part of the whole truthiness (to borrow from Stephen Colbert) of the thing. Wouldn't it be terrible if you handed your blog off to a minion to do when you couldn't? Like Leonardo or Martha Stewart.

    I get a partial flippy thing whenever I drive across the South Carolina state line. It's partial because though there are many things I am uncomfortable with here (not the least of which being the 99% humidity for 8 months of the year) I have developed what we in the low country call "sand between my toes." Once you have that you can't be too far from the sand and the surf and the Spanish moss or your heart hurts.

  4. Oh to have minions. I've always BEEN the minion! ;-) Remind me again about which four months I'm allowed to stay humidity free?

  5. Glad to hear you're home safe & sound & all well! I ALWAYS get that heart flippy thing when I come over the Coast Range in CA & see Monterey Bay below, sparkling in the sun, & that fabulous fresh salt air hits me! It will always be home to me & it's so depressing that I'll never be able to afford to live there. You are so lucky to own your heart's desire!

  6. Believe me honey, you've NEVER been a minion. Oh come on, please come back during one of the humid months so we can watch your hair do that THING. :-) The 4 humidity-less months are Dec.-March. There is no such thing as humidity free.

    Oh Monterey...nothing in the world like it.



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