Thursday, September 30, 2010

Day One Hundred Thirty Four

Ok, a friend found this and posted it on a Yahoo group I'm a member of and it is unique and wonderful enough that I have to share it here.  She shared it for the polymer clay fencepost finials, which are fab, but I adore the moldings and cabinets.  I could be adding a new wish for my wagon wish list!  While I think the colors are great, I'm being careful to keep the interior of my gypsy wagon calm, to leave room for inspiration. I feel pretty certain I want actual wood in my wagon with colorful accents.  But wouldn't it be fantastic to have these kinds of wood moldings....the spirals and the curvy cabinets and all?  I ADORE it!!!  Heck, if you take the roses and literal parts out of the carved cabinet look I shared before and replaced it with carvings that would work here, it isn't inconceivable that I could do something abstract myself.  Thanks, Jann, for passing it on.  :-)

Mareike Scharmer

Hmmmmmmmmmm.  Now if only I knew people who speak German and could translate!

Here are my five offerings to the goddess of simplicity today:

1.  A sheer (I mean see-thru) black button down blouse - just ain't gonna happen again
2.  A lime green camisole
3.  A beige cotton hoody
4.  A rust colored dress with blue and white flowers
5.  A white button down shirt with pale grey pinstripes

Where do all these clothes keep surfacing from???????

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  1. You know, you seem to have a remarkable amount of see-thru clothes...I'm only saying.

    The translator is waiting for your call. Remember he reads it, he don't speak it.

  2. Yeah, I've been noticing the see-thru trend myself. Funny thing is, I can't remember ever wearing a single one of them. I'll call the translator later to get a reading and find out how much water you guys got!



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