Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Day One Hundred Thirty Three

I took my sons out to dinner and told them that I put the dog crate story here yesterday.  My oldest son looked stricken and said he hadn't remembered that I knew about it at all.  Then he proceeded to say that the funniest thing about it is that they sometimes did it while their father and I were home.  He said we'd be out in the yard doing something and they'd be inside wreaking havoc.  He also admitted that he and his cousin (often a partner in crime) did it as well and said it was super fun.  Egads.  The plot thickens.  I want to bill them for all the money I've spent on chiropractic appointments.

I found a gypsy wagon chicken coop online.  It is even mobile!  
Gypsy Wagon Chicken Coop

My chickens haven't started laying yet.  I've had many different kinds over the years, mostly the heavy bodied gals who do well in the winter here; Buff Opringtons, Araucanas, Barred Rocks, Black Austrolorps.  One year I decided to go with all designer chickens and amassed an entire flock of black, white or black and white chickens including some outrageous Polish Tophats that I raised from day old chicks in a kiddie pool on the coffee table rigged with a heat lamp and chicken wire tent.   Each chick looked like it had a cotton ball on its head.  This year I saw a Craig's List ad for French Black Copper Marans.  I fell for the gorgeous eggs:

I paid $10 each for the chicks (5 times what other chickens cost) and bought five of them, supposedly one rooster and four hens.  One, sadly, met with an accident as a chick and was killed.  I have been waiting patiently to see if the surviving four are all hens and if the rooster survived and now have this sneaking suspicion that I've ended up with three  roosters and one hen.  Sigh.  We'll see, but I'm getting a sinking feeling that my exotic chicken breeding plans are going the way of my African Pygmy Hedgehog breeding plans.  (Another story for another day.)  I'll leave you with this thought for now; hedgehogs are prickly and nocturnal.

Here are today's five items:

1.  Brand new floodlight holder kit
2.  Full package of "sock savers" that connect your socks through the laundry adventure
3.  A full, new "Dryel" home dry cleaning kit 
4.  A pair of fat resin toads
5.  A little resin hen


  1. LOVE the chicken coop wagon! It reminds me of a question I have been wanting to ask. Are you going to have a half door on your gypsy wagon? I know it probably isn't convenient but it is soooo cool.

  2. I agree, the dutch doors are perfect for gypsy wagons. As it turns out I have to have a door custom made (size is shorter than a standard door) I am going to go for it. I like the idea of the airflow and it being indoor/outdoor living. My favorite kind. Hey! Did you chime in about colors??

  3. Yes, I so chimed: Peacock to Olive...flaunt it baby flaunt it!!!



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