Friday, October 1, 2010

Day One Hundred Thirty Five

As I recounted the money I've stashed away for the trailer chassis today I tried to think of the last time that I wanted something I didn't have the money for and actually saved up for it in cash.  It has been a long time.  New computer I want is $1200 and I only have $500?  No problem, put it on a credit card and pay the $500 to the card and "finance" the rest.  I've done that for things the kids wanted or needed, things that had to be repaired in the house, vacations.  I got it in my head that I wanted to build and pay for this thing outright and I'm not sure why.  I could just call the guy tomorrow, order the chassis and pay it off when I sell the house.  But something won't let me do that.  Not with this.  This is somehow different.  Sacred.  

I eventually thought of the last thing I saved up for.  My little sister and I used to go down the road to a cool, old fashioned drug store.  You know the kind that was owned by a family and not a corporation?  They had an ice cream counter, a pharmacy, a jewelry case and some exquisite dolls.  Now, I wasn't much of a doll girl.  I didn't really play with them.  But this beauty was so gorgeous I was mesmerized; she had porcelain skin with pale pink cheeks, brown hair all twisted up into a fancy up-do, a pouty little red mouth and a dress with a hoop skirt.  She was about 16" or 18" tall and I fell in love with her.  I think I was in junior high.  I don't remember how much she cost but I recall putting her on lay away - that grand old practice that stores used to have.  Each week I'd go down and make a little payment on her from my allowance until she was mine.  It took months.

And so it will be with my wagon.  I keep hearing a voice (sounds oddly like David Carradine's) in my head; "Patience, young grasshopper...."

Today I give up the following:

1.  A rubber mat for a pet's dish to sit on.  (Who needs it when they hand their dog a chunk of meat through the doggy door at mealtime?)
2.  A little 4" cube with two drawers in it
3.  A jar with a built in chopper blade thingy that goes up and down on a plunger
4.  A small black resin frog
5.  A glass cruet - odd size, only big enough to make enough salad dressing for one salad maybe

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  1. Absolutely the right way to go on the money thing. And remember you can always borrow the money from a friend who won't charge you interest but will use the loan to leverage a longer stay at her palatial beach house. Plus wallpapering.

    What happened to the doll?

  2. Who knows where that doll went? When I joined the Army I boxed up all those little trinkets of youth; the doll, my swimming ribbons, my speech and debate trophies, the few decorator items I had purchased for my apartment, and left them in the capable hands of my mother. She then proceeded to move several times, swap husbands and I've never seen that box again. It was probably labeled in a big black marker with something like, "Kim's Personal Items" and yet it didn't make the cut one move. C'est la vie.

    And, darling, you don't have to loan me wagon money to get me to stay longer. I'm gonna be the guest that would not leave. You'll be posting about me on Facebook, asking if anyone would like a visit from a gypsy. ;-)

    If only Ava could come I'd just move in.



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