Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day Two Hundred Twenty Seven

Living under my roof now are my 17 year old son and my 19 year old daughter with her 21 year old fiance.  They were living on their own but times are tough and they've moved home to amass their fortune so they can get married in September and move out again.  So now you know the history and here's the point; they've gone from a two bedroom apartment into one bedroom in my house so they've been inspired by my progress and are regular readers of my blog.  I asked them recently if they have any insights to share about what it has meant for them to get rid of so many of their things.  Their answer is that it feels good to not be weighed down by too many things but that some items that the knew they didn't need or even love were very hard to let go of because of the emotional connection they had with them.  It reminded me of a tip I got early on that I've been meaning to share.  When you're confronted by this dilemma, get out your camera.  Take a picture or two or three of the item you're going to let go of but want to remember well.  Then, don't let it get buried in a digital picture file.  Go ahead and have a print made of the best picture and put it somewhere that you'll come across occasionally; tucked inside a reference book, taped to the inside of the medicine cabinet door, somewhere like that.  Every time you come across the photo you'll be reminded of the item.  This technique, surprisingly, will make you think more often about the item than if you actually have it lying around on top of a coffee table or nightstand.  Eventually it will be cemented enough in your mind that even without the photograph a reference book or a medicine cabinet will remind you of it forever.  Voila!

Today's five items:
1.  Ballet Slippers
2.  Purple Flip Flops
3.  Black Converse
4.  Red Flip Flops
5.  Brown Flip Flops

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  1. FANTASTIC IDEA Kim!! I had NEVER thought of that, and while I've been trying to push Wes into getting rid of those old things he has sentimental value attached to, I have no way to say, "You can still remember it by," and so, don't ever get rid of it despite the fact it no longer serves a purpose! I'll try to come up with some options for us to test this theory out!

    As a side/related note, this is a SUPER cool idea!



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