Friday, January 7, 2011

Day Two Hundred Twenty Eight

Fog in the desert is a strange and somewhat wondrous phenomenon.  To wake up and look out at the opaque air and see the trees with their whitened branches through the fog is quite beautiful.  Every morning there are about 100 quail in the chicken yard cleaning up any tiny bits of chicken feed that were left to them.  This morning the sight of them taking flight against the white sky was stunning.  I am enjoying it except for the little problem of being COLD.  I've been cold for a month, I just can't warm up.  It has forced me to look for warm clothing and in the process, guess what?  I have found things I can get rid of.  

Today's five are all winter items:
1.  A blue cable knit sweater that I really like but it has a sizable stain on it and I'm letting it go
2.  An Army jacket
3.  A tweed blazer
4.  A hand knit sweater I bought in Greece.  It is all wool and itches like hell.  I've never worn it but have kept it because I have an emotional attachment because of the happy memory of being in Greece with my grandmother.  I'm losing the sweater and keeping the memory.
5.  A long trench coat looking thing with a herringbone pattern.  I notice I have a lot of tweed, herringbone and paisley.  I also notice that I'm giving it all away!

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