Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Day Two Hundred Five

Here's a thought about incrementalism; prepare for Christmas a little at a time way in advance.  Ha.  Why haven't I ever thought of that before?  Every year this sneaks up on me.  Packages to be mailed and lights to hang and cookies to bake and stocking stuffers to buy.  (I've completed one out of four so far)  Gotta keep working and amid all of it I must keep finding things to get rid of.  The garage is a veritable gold mine of things that need to go; too bad I've gotten to it in the bitter cold.  I'm also facing the challenge of having gotten rid of a lot of things that fit in a car and will soon have to figure out how to get rid of the big stuff without a truck. I'm thinking Freecycle is my best bet, people will come here and take away anything - amazing!  I think a lot of that stuff ends up being sold by those more intrepid than I.  This project has certainly cured me of wanting anything.  I've been asked by a few about what I want for Christmas and I honestly can't think of anything at all that is tangible.  

Today's five items:
1.  A lamp
2.  Golf clubs and a golf bag
3.  A large bird cage
4.  Terracotta dish
5.  A set of tires

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