Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day One Hundred Ninety Nine

Had friends over for dinner tonight.  Remember me mentioning friends who moved to an intentional community where they don't use fossil fuels in any form?  Had a great time hearing all their adventures and how the plan is morphing over time.  They, too, have come to the conclusion that they don't necessarily want to stay in the same place all the time.  They hope to spend a few months a year doing meaningful work in natural building each year. I adore them.  Here is a picture of the house they built themselves.  They bought the white oak beams for the local Amish community.  No mortgage necessary.

Tonight's five items to give away:
1.  Possibly the last pair of jeans to get rid of
2.  Building blocks for making obstacles for a domino race
3.  Laurel Burch scarf
4.  A microscope
5.  Wooden trinket box

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