Friday, December 3, 2010

Day One Hundred Ninety Five

This system really takes a few parts to keep it working well.  First I have to identify the things that I'm going to get rid of.  Then I have to actually gather them up and sort them appropriately.  Next I have to list them here and write the day's entry and lastly they must actually leave my house.  Right now I have three baskets of blog items that need to go as the disruption by illness last month has caused a bottleneck in the system.  If I'm ever to decorate for the holidays I must get all this stuff out of here so tomorrow's the day.  Decorating for the holidays will be a big deal this time as I plan to haul out every decoration, every light, each bow and ribbon that I have and at the end of the season do a major culling.  Whoopee!

Today's fab five are:
1.  A spool of fishing line
2.  A pair of safety goggles
3.  A spiffy pair of sunglasses for kids
4.  A stretchy book cover that somehow eluded me before
5.  A toy VW bus

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