Sunday, November 7, 2010

Day One Hundred Seventy

Yikes, I almost missed my deadline even with daylight savings time.  That is what happens when I sit down to work in my studio.  In honor of the last few wonderful days with my kids and our early Thanksgiving, I added a turkey to my collection of fowl balls. Very fun to sit and relax this evening and get completely lost in creating art.  If I hadn't come across the box of billiard balls in a closet while clearing out for blog entries who knows how I would have spent this evening!?  Just another unexpected consequence, it is like being on a treasure hunt every day.  

Here are the five items I'm getting rid of today:
1.  A green and white checked baby doll dress
2.  A red rain poncho
3.  A little wooden shaker basket that the rain poncho has been sitting in on the laundry room counter forever
4.  A pet hair squeegee that is for removing pet hair from furniture - now that I'm feeding Ava raw meat she sheds about 90% less
5.  A rust colored rayon dress with tiny little black and white flowers on it

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  1. 170!! God, you must be exhausted. It seems to me that this milestone should be marked by a trip to the spa. Yes!!

  2. Ha! That dress is mine now... planning to wear it out tomorrow :)



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