Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day One Hundred Seventy One

Funny clearing thing today.  I've mentioned that my oldest son has joined the Army and leaves next week.  So he has been busy packing things and doing a sort and clear of his own.  He had some nice things that he no longer wanted and I found myself saying, "I'll take that!"  and "I'd like that!" about things he is letting go of.  I also have changed my personal email address after eleven years of my old one and so am trying to make sure my settings are all reset.  I am a member of the local Freecycle Yahoo group.  It is great - people list things they're getting rid of and things they need/want and it is amazing how quickly someone will show up to take away that which you no longer want after you list it.  Anyway, when I reset my email I checked the box that has the individual messages drop into my email; I had previously turned that off and just looked online occasionally to see how the group was  doing.  I swear there were three or four things that I considered trying to be the first to claim so I could have them!  Had to talk myself down and remind myself of the "one way valve" analogy I've been using to describe my house.

So, fellow clearers and releasers, beware the free stuff that wants to invade your space.  Just say no. 

Today's five:
1.  Dark blue beanie with a little pom pom on the top
2.  Khaki pants
3.  Running shoes
4.  Long sleeved blue t-shirt
5.  Flip Flops - new

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