Friday, November 12, 2010

Day One Hundred Seventy Four

When I was in the Army I had a good friend who was a little guy with a big nose and little dark brown eyes with very straight eyelashes.  He referred to his father as "The Dude" way before The Big Lebowski came out.  He had both a comical and intense appearance and demeanor.  If you didn't know him well it was quite difficult to tell when he was kidding and when he was serious.  He told funny jokes and had the good sense to marry one of the most wonderful people I've ever known.  One of the things he used to often say that has really stuck with me is, "Sometimes it goes this way (hands both pointing in one direction) and sometimes it goes that way (pointing in opposite direction)."  I've said that to myself so many times over the years as a reminder that life has ups and downs.  My mother's take on the same topic was that you have to have tough times so that you can appreciate the good times.  (As a kid I remember thinking that I appreciated good times for what they were and didn't need anything bad to happen to help me understand that!)  At any rate, today was one of those really frustrating days where things just didn't go my way.  At the very same time, there were some great parts of the day as well.  So you see?  Even in the span of one day things can go this way and that way.  Cool, huh?

No matter what the day holds, the clearing must go on.  To that end I offer up the following:
1.  A pair of red cotton shorts
2.  A 8x10" black picture frame
3.  Two vacuum bag sachets
4.  A new set of dog nail clippers (if you'd met my dog you'd understand why I don't even bother opening the package)
5.  An 8" square blue picture frame that has five compartments in which I used to have an assortment of pics of the kids in bubble baths

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