Saturday, November 13, 2010

Day One Hundred Seventy Five

Some days the visions of my gypsy wagon only peek through the reality of day to day life.  Even so, those little glints of hope work miracles with me.  I drifted off many times today to a happy place in my mind; my gypsy wagon parked somewhere beautiful with me sitting inside it visiting with a friend, working on an art project with a pot of herbal tea on the table beside me and the sun shining in through the lace at the window.  Such an image can get me through a lot.  To mix it up I change the scenery and the friend and I have endless possibilities.  Keep the faith.

A little eye candy...just to bring bit of cheer.  This baby needs some color!
These five things piled beside me to be listed are making their way into the pile tonight:
1.  A History of Thailand by Chris Baker and Pasuk Phongpaichit
2.  The Warrior Elite by Dick  Couch
3.  Marco Polo The Travels published by Penguin Classics
4.  Development and Social Change Philip McMichael
5.  A maroon long sleeved polo shirt

Quote Challenge 
Don Vardo Plans
Gypsy Tour Map

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  1. Thank you for the image...the two of us, maybe a few of the cats, playing with clay, knitting. We can and will do that with or without the wagon. The wagon would just make it more picturesque. Thinking of you more than usual today.



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