Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day One Hundred Ninety Two

If you watch any mainstream media news outlets or read news online or even read your local paper then you probably couldn't help but notice the stories all over this week about the segment of the real estate market that is up in this depressed market.  Seems the sale of tiny houses is on the rise big time!  Quite a few friends saw one story or another and sent me links to peruse.  Again I am astonished that people can actually live that way.  It strikes me the same way as the goal of reducing your possessions to some arbitrary number like 50 or 100.  As much as I relish the idea of living in 90-95sf of usable space in my gypsy wagon for some yet-to-be-determined period of time, I can't in my wildest imagination picture myself living in that small of a space in the long run.  While I'm on the Gypsy Tour I will be staying with friends and relatives who will share their homes with me.  I'll cook in their kitchens, bathe in their tubs.  And yet, as I read the stories and realized just how many people are making the choice in order to be mortgage free I could understand.  More than caring about the size of the space I care about the freedom.  I can relate to the desire to spend day after day with no particular agenda.  For me it is all about creating and giving, for some about reading, for others simply about being with those they love.  This prevalent design of crafting lives that require us to spend  most of our time earning money to pay for our homes is kind of screwy to me and an example of bad design.  Of course I am very lucky to have some mad natural building skills and absolutely no fear so I figure I'll forge ahead with great enthusiasm and something wonderful will rise up out of the earth.  And it will be approximately 800 sf!

Could you do it?
Today's five items:
1.  Domino DVD
2.  On the Far  Side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead George
3.  The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain
4.  The Silmarillion by J.R.R. tolkien
5.  A box of stuffed animals

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  1. We live in a little under 1000 sq feet with 10 animals so yes, but where to go when you are so pissed with your significant other 10,000 sq feet wouldn't cover it? The outdoor space would have to be wonderful and you are lucky enough to have that in your valley.



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